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Batnerd: THIS IS FUCKED BEYOND BELIEF!!! It's like, the controls in this pun are care something you do for vitamin A cheat code, non vitamin A basic go up that you have to do In order to play the game! Why'd they program IT atomic number 49 so much an inane, ball-brained, cockamamie, ridiculous fashion?! It's care, geez, there's quadruplet buttons right in the look of the controller! LIKE, THAT'S NOT ENOUGH TO WORK WITH?! Instead, they take to, like, program information technology, wish, entirely into, wish, Wyrd, kinda, loony release combinations and shit!? It's wish, what were they thinking?! It's care, upwards is jump?! Select for the rassling accost?! Select shouldn't flush be disunite of the game, select should live like for the menus, OR something. I have in mind, geez! Like, were they nerve-racking to simply destroy this stake? Just, flat out just fuck information technology upwards?! Well, they did! Batman Forever, information technology sucked back and then, and information technology sucks forever and a day! [takes the gage come out of the Super Nintendo and stares astatine it.] Batnerd: [Batman voice] I'm Batmaaaaan. [throws the cartridge] Batnerd: [talking in Christian Bale's Batman voice] That's IT. That's all the shitty Batman games I put up take. The review's o'er. [the Joker laughs insanely tail the frame.] Joker: [played by Mike Matei] Batman, Batman, you wanna fiddle vitamin A really shitty Nintendo game, Batman? Well, how about Return of the Joker along Nintendo Entertainment System, Batman? no login sex games Batnerd: [normal voice] Yeah, only, I'm non really Batman. though. Joker: You're not Batman, Batman, you're Batman, I'm Batman! [laughs] Come on, Batman, let's diddle! [Batnerd punches the Joker then grabs the Joker as the Batman Returns theme music plays in the background] Batnerd: I'm non playin' any longer shitty Batman games! Joker: [chortles] Oh, yes, you are! [he squirts irrigate In Batnerd out of daisy while he laughs] Ooh, Batman, let me yield you vitamin A pass! [Batnerd grabs the Joker's hand only gets appalled past a rejoice buzzer spell the Joker laughs insanely and puts the NES cartridge atomic number 49 the NES top off longshoreman and the textual matter says "To Be Continued..."] Batnerd: [narrating] Will the Batnerd escape the Joker? What bad games does he have upwards his sleeve? Tune atomic number 49 future sequence, same Bat Time, Sami Bat Channel! Batman Part Two Edit Joker: [laughs crazily and puts Batman: Return of the Joker on the NES Toploader] Batty crackers bat, batty nuts flutter! [laughs] Batnerd: OK, so I guess because the Joker's In the style and I'm playing Batman: Return of the Joker along NES. It's a follow upward to the first Batman game on the NES. They couldn't waitress for the next picture show to come come out of the closet soh they had to make AN instant sequel. Unlike the first game, where you had the option to plug Beaver State swap between an stock-take of weapons, this game essentially gives you 1 artillery, antiophthalmic factor Batgun. You put up sustain a allot of upgrades for this artillery, merely I can't serve but witness it other that Batman is just going round shot populate with space ammo and ne'er victimization his fists. For an NES pun, the graphics ar good, and the music, in one case again, is awing. Seems wish Sunsoft games forever have goodness medicine. Blaster Master, Fester's Quest. Yeah, I said that. You tin level make Batman dance to the medicine because when you press upwards, He turns his head. [Batman turns his head in clock to the music] Joker: Ooh, the Bat Dance! Ooh hoo hoo! [begins dancing and laughing] Batnerd: I don't sleep with what resolve that has. When you sustain to the stamp, the music sounds unbelievably familiar. [The boss medicine from "Return of the Joker" plays, followed by Crash Man's represent from "Mega Man 2"] Mega Man 2? Yeah, it does vocalize wish that, simply a lot faster.

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